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What's Included in Our Grant Package?


ECO Boiler grants

Midlands Gas & Heating Ltd, t/a ECO Boiler Grants are working to improve homeowners’ properties through available grants such as ECO (Energy Companies Obligation). We can apply on behalf of our customers for funding which is non-repayable and at no cost to you! Unlike other companies there is no middleman, and we carry out all aspects of installation.


An ECO grants package may include:

  • New boiler
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Central heating controls

Underfloor Insulation

Insulating your floor can be a great way of keeping your property warm. It is most common for homes to only have their ground floor insulated older homes are most likely to have suspended timber floors. If you have air bricks or ventilation bricks on the outside walls of your house that are below floor level, you probably have a suspended timber floor.


If you have a basement or cellar beneath your house that you can get into safely, take a quick look down there to see what type of floor you have. If the floor is a suspended wooden floor, you will be able to see wooden joists and the undersides of the floorboards, if you are still not sure you can phone us on 0800 111 4553 and we can advise you on what to look for.

First Time Central Heating

First-time central heating installations are now available under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. FTCH Government grants are available for homes who need a new boiler and radiators but do not have them or they are unable to afford them. We now have 100% funding towards your new central heating system. Ring us on 0800 111 4553 If you want to chat to someone about grants you are eligible for today!.

LA Flex Scheme

Your Local Authority has its own criteria on who is eligible for the ‘LA Flex Scheme’, this has allowed local councils to extend the criteria beyond household income and benefits received. Now, more homeowners that are pregnant, with growing families or older occupants can get access to funding for energy efficiency measures via the LA FLEX scheme, see if you are eligible to this or any of our grants by taking a fast survey below.


No one should have to live in cold home, and its even more frustrating if you happen to be paying high energy bills every month. Have you noticed that some of your rooms feel colder than others? This could mean that there is an issue with the insulation throughout your loft and between your walls. If you have financial concerns with amended this issue yourself then it will be good news for you that the government programme known as LA Flex may be able to help. Contact a member of our team or fill out our quick 2-minute survey today

“First Time Central Heating Systems are installed in homes that have never had any type of central heating system before. Central heating systems provide effective heating through a boiler, connected to radiators throughout the whole property.”

First Time Central Heating Systems

Who Qualifies for First Time Central Heating Systems?

A homeowner, or a tenant in a privately rented home, who has either no heating at all or one of the following heating systems mentioned below:
Did you know that a poorly insulated house loses up to a quarter of its heat through its roof and up to a third through its walls? We can help you achieve cheaper energy bills. If you are from a Low-Income Household, you can also qualify for a free insulation grant under the ECO (Energy Company Obligation)*
*Conditions Apply*
To see if you are eligible take our short survey online, it can be done in less than 2 minutes!